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Improve safety, efficiency and productivity

Floor marking tapes are used to mark hazards, divide spaces, create aisles or provide directions.


Adhesive Tape & Label Application Recommendations

Following proper procedures when applying self-adhesive products is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and longevity. We recommend viewing this helpful guide before installation.


Aisle Marking
Conformable Tape

Our Aisle Marking PVC (vinyl) Tapes are made from a durable vinyl film with a rubber adhesive system that will adhere to most any clean, dry surface.


Tuff Mark® Laminated
Floor Marking Tape

Tuff Mark® polyester floor marking tapes provide a long-lasting solution for marking floors, aisles, walkways, and workflow in your facilities.


Floor Tape

Our metal floor tape applicator is designed to aid in the application of both conformable and laminated self-wound tape products.


Armor Stripe® Ultra Durable
Lean/5S Markers

These markers are made from a through-color solid 0.055” thick rigid polyethylene surface with an ultra tacky heavy coat weight adhesive backing. 


Checkerboard Race Pattern
Laminated Tape

A unique way to draw attention to your workplace hazards. Our Checkerboard Tape has 1” square pattern and is constructed with a Poly film with a protective clear lamination.


Vinyl Arrows
and Circles

Our colored vinyl directional floor arrows and marking dots (circle) make a great choice for marking the direction of travel or demarcation of hazards and wayfinding for pedestrians.


Hazard Warning
Stripe Tape

These tapes will quickly bring attention to any workplace hazard. Made of conformable vinyl film with an rubber adhesive system, these tapes will adhere to most any clean, dry surface.


Armor Stripe® Ultra Durable
Floor Marking Tape

Offers an extremely durable system to aid in floor layout, sorting, aisle marking, and workflow for 5S Lean manufacturing standards.


Tuff Mark® Laminated
Lean/5S Markers

Provides a long lasting solution to aid in floor layout, sorting and workflow to help comply with 5S Lean manufacturing standards.


Lean/5S Markers

These markers are made from a vinyl film with a thick textured anti-slip lamination. This combination provides extended durability and will stand up to heavy pedestrian traffic. The aggressive adhesive backing will work on most clean, dry and smooth floors.


Worded Floor
Safety Tape

A great way to effectively and permanently communicate safety messages and hazards to your employees and visitors.

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