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Laminated 5S Lean Manufacturing Floor Markers

Tuff Mark® provides a long lasting solution to aid in floor layout, sorting and workflow to help aid with 5S Lean manufacturing standards. This 7 MIL (0.007”) extra-tough, low profile, easy to apply floor marking product is made with heavy duty materials making these markers highly durable, as well as abrasion and chemical resistant.


The rigid construction makes these markers easy to install as well as easy to clean and maintain. The aggressive adhesive will bond to most clean, dry floors offering resistant to tearing, wrinkling or lifting even under heavy forklift traffic. Once applied, the low profile design makes this tape a great choice for use in areas with forklift, hand truck or pedestrian traffic. Removes from most floor surfaces cleanly without chipping, tearing or leaving unsightly adhesive residue.  These markers are made with the same material as our TuffMark® tapes and will match both construction and colors when used together.


Tuff Mark® Standards: 

  • ANSI Standard Z535.1 for color

  • Average dry BPN: 125 (Dynamic slip resistance using ASTM E303-93 (2013) pendulum test method)

  • Average dry dynamic coefficient of friction: Overall average: Dry 0.60

  • (ANSI A137.1 flooring slip resistance test - dry)


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