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NFPA 704 Diamond Flip Placard

NFPA 704 workplace diamond flip placard sign gives a clear and obvious display of the NFPA hazards and symbology. Flip placard sign includes the commonly seen NFPA diamond along with the ability to flip through the different hazard numbers and symbols to change the sign to suit different chemical hazards. Constructed from aluminum base and pages with stainless steel clips for longevity and a clear front panel to keep pages in place and offer abrasion resistance.


Helps identify the extent of a health or fire hazard with a chemical using the NFPA 704 diamond system.  Commonly used in workplaces using the NFPA hazard identification system.  Custom versions and legends available.

NFPA3000 - 15.5" x 15.5"

Pages included below: (Character Verticle Height: 5.5")

NFPA 704 Flip Placard

NFPA 704 Flip Placard

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