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These lockout / tagout safety tags are used to indicate that energy-isolating devices are in use, and the tagged equipment may not be operated until the Lock Out/Tag Out device is removed.  Made from (0.010") Duraply® ultra-durable synthetic stock, these tags are a good choice for indoor or short-term outdoor applications. Tag stock is waterproof, tear-resistant, weather-resistant, and can be written on with a pencil, ballpoint pen or marker.  All tags are 3.375” X 5.75” and sold in packs of 25 tags. Our standard PT series has a 3/8” attachment hole, and our RP series has a 3/8” metal grommet for added strength.  


To maintain compliance, Lockout safety tags must be used with an attachment method that complies with safety standards in your local jurisdiction.

Don’t see the legend you need? Contact us for custom options.

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