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Barricade Tape: CAUTION (hazard stripe)

Barricade tapes offer a simple cost effective way to improve safety and help stay in compliance at your work site.  Bold letters and brightly colored polyethylene films help give a visual warning.  Barricade tape is available in a selection of stock legends and film thickness grades, along with customization options.  Barricade tape is sold in full cases only.  Rolls are 3" x 1000' (12 rolls/case), also available in other sizes.


Barricade can also be purchased in individual dispenser boxes for an additional fee.  "DB" would be added to the end of part number for this option.


Product Warranty


California Residents: California Proposition 65 Warning Notice


Barricade Tape: CAUTION (hazard stripe)

  • Value Grade 1.5 MIL:

    Our value grade barricade tapes are made from a 1.5 MIL (0.0015") thick LDPE polyethylene film. This grade offers standard durability with excellent elongation before breaking.


    Contractor Grade 2 MIL:

    • grade barriacde tapes offer a more durable marking solution and are made from a 2 MIL (0.002") thick LDPE polyethylene film. Offers excellent elongation before breaking.


    Heavy Duty Grade 3.5 MIL:

    This is our most durable polyethylene barricade tape film option. Will withstand windy conditions and longer term applications. This grade of product is made from 3.5 MIL (0.0035") LDPE polyethylene film. Offers excellent elongation before breaking.



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