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multiple part flange inspection tags

Flange Tags (Torque Tags) 4-Stage valve inspection tags, provide an easy-to-use, clear flange status for your workers. Enhanced flange management procedures help reduce the risk of leaks and other technical issues. Flange Tags are intended for use in pipeline construction, oil and gas operations and energy distribution and production operations. Tags are made from a durable 10 mil (0.0010") Duraply® All-Weather synthetic stock that is water resistant, easily written on and can be used in outdoor applications. Flange tags are 2.75” x 7.9” with perforation between each section to allow for simple separation of the 4-parts during use. Sold in packages of 25 with 0.375” dia mounting hole. Tags come standard with ft/lbs torque markings, but available with Nm markings for international use. Custom printing and tag construction options available.


Product Warranty

Flange Torque Inspection Tag: 4-Stage (Part)

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