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LOCKOUT TAG - No Grounded

Lockout tags form a critical part of lockout tagout (LOTO) safety programs.  They are typically used in conjunction with a lockout device system or lock and help provide a visual warning system as part of an energy-isolating procedure.  Workplace safety lockout tags should only be removed by authorized personnel.  These tags are made from a durable All-Weather Duraply® material that can be easily written on with pen, pencil and markers. Weather-proof material withstands both indoor and outdoor applications.  Tags are 3.375" X 5.75" with 3/8" hole, and sold in packs of 25/pkg. Tags are available standard format with a 3/8" plain hole (PT) or with a 3/8" metal grommet (RP) for added durability.


Always consult a professional safety specialist for the proper use of all lockout products and procedures prior to use.  Refer to OSHA 1910.147 standard for more details. 


Product Warranty

LOCKOUT TAG - No Grounded

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