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OVERSIZED LOAD Heavy Haul Sign (12" x 96")

Single sided sign displays "OVERSIZED LOAD" on one side.  Black 11" tall letters on a safety yellow background.  Signs are 12" x 96" and available in three material options.

OVERSIZED LOAD Heavy Haul Sign (12" x 96")

  • Wood: Medium density overlay wooden board (1/2" thick) coated with a protective over-laminate for increased longevity.


    Aluminum: Durable, weather resistant, rust proof aluminum composite (3mm thick).


    Adhesive Vinyl Decal: Self adhesive vinyl decals adheres to most smooth, dry and clean surfaces.  Intended for permanent applications such as bumpers.

  • Disclaimer: It is the sole responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of this product for their application, including, but not limited to, identifying the risk and its severity. When in doubt consult a qualified safety and warnings professional.

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