Toxic Inhalation Hazard Truck Placards

The inhalation hazard placards are displayed on vehicles and tanks to identify the risk of products being transported. We manufacture our entire placard line to meet Transport Canada guidelines and offer them in your choice of material. Check with local compliance authorities to determine correct product for your application. All placards are 10-3/4” x 10-3/4”.

Toxic Inhalation Hazard Truck Placards

  • TT940SS - Rigid Plastic
    TT940PS - Adhesive VynMark

  • SS - Rigid Plastic

    Manufactured on durable plastic able to withstand repeated usage under any weather conditions. The ink is applied using a silk screen process to ensure print quality and resist fading. Intended for use with placard holders. 


    PS - Adhesive VynMark

    Intended for permanent application on the transport vehicle. They are constructed with an outdoor grade 4-MIL vinyl with an aggressive permanent adhesive backing. Once applied these placards provide a permanent T.D.G. marking solution.