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"How Can PrimeGuard™ Detectable Underground Tapes Improve Safety and Identify Buried Utility Lines?"

Detectable Tape is used for detecting, locating, identifying, and protecting buried utility lines for gas, water, sewer, telecommunication, and electrical markets. The width of tape used, is determined by the size of, and depth at which the underground utility line is buried. The depth at which detectable tape is buried, is determined by the width of the tape used. The aluminum core is detected through means of inductive locating. Buried utility type is identified by the standardized APWA color-code and utility type legend printed on the tape.


• APWA color code legends.

• Polyester Top Layer Enhances Durability.

• Reverse Printed Polypropylene Structure.

• Acid, Alkali, Chemical, and Oil Resistant.

• Direct Burial Rated.

• Buried Print Style Enhances Long Term Identification.

• Polyextrusion Lamination Maximizes Bond Strength.

• Ink-free Outer Edge Prevents Delamination.


• Designed as a three-layer sandwich with a layer of foil encased between two layers of plastic.

• Aluminum foil is visible from both sides. Tape is locatable by conductive and inductive methods.

Acid, alkali and chemical resistant nature prevents degradation.

• Tape identifies, locates and protects utility lines.

Detectable Underground Tape


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