OSHA workplace safety tags-on-a-roll supplied in a roll provide an easy and convenient way to transport and contain your tags, providing a larger tag quantity on hand for heavy demand applications.


Made from 10-mil Duraply® ultra-durable stock, these tags are a good choice for indoor or short-term outdoor applications. Tag stock is waterproof, tear-resistant, weather-resistant, and can be written on with a pencil, ball point pen or marker. The 3” x 6-1/4” tags come with a 3/8” hole or 3/8” metal grommet for added strength.  The EG series of tags have been tested to a 50-lb pull test when using a nylon cable tie.


Safety tags are connected together by an easy to tear perforation. Just pull the next tag from the dispenser box and tear it off. The specially designed dispenser box keep the tags safely and neatly contained for any on the go application perfect for work vehicles, tool cribs, mobile work carts, and many other applications.


Available in a large selection of stock OSHA safety header legends, as well a thermal printable versions for a print on demand application. Custom versions also available. Please contact us for details or custom applications.




3/8” diameter metal grommet to add strength.




3/8” diameter hole for less demanding applications.


Just pull and tear.

The most convenient way to dispense and store your tags.