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UN Truck Placard Numbering Kits

For use with blank PIN box truck placards, 3.5”- high numbers are printed in black on a clear base stock or optional white backing with outdoor grade VynMark with permanent adhesive backing. Label sheet size is 2.125” W x 4” L.  Number style and height comply with DOT & TDG placarding compliance regulations when applied properly.


Each kit includes 50 decals of each number from 0 to 9. Individual numbers are available separately in packages of 50 numbers each. For a total of 500 numbers per kit.  Numbers are also available in packages of 50 numbers.


Numbers that are printed black on clear will show the surface below through them, the white-backed version will help block the bottom surface color out.




UNCL0 - Clear

UNWH0 - White

UNCL5 - Clear

UNWH5 - White

UNCL1 - Clear

UNWH1 - White

UNCL6 - Clear

UNWH6 - White

UNCL2 - Clear

UNWH2 - White

UNCL07- Clear

UNWH7 - White

UNCL3 - Clear

UNWH3 - White

UNCL8 - Clear

UNWH8 - White

UNCL4 - Clear

UNWH4 - White

UNCL9 - Clear

UNWH9 - White