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Workplace Safety Signs & Floor Marking Tapes
Durable solutions for information & awareness

Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking tape plays a vital role in maintaining safety and organization in a warehouse setting. Our full line of safety tapes allow you to choose the correct price point, durability level and size for each application you. Available in a range of colors, floor marking tape helps designate specific areas such as aisles, walkways, storage zones, and hazardous areas. By clearly delineating these spaces, the tape promotes efficient traffic flow, prevents accidents, and ensures compliance with safety regulations for employees and visitors alike. Incorporating floor marking tape into a warehouse's layout fosters an organized and safe environment, boosting productivity and minimizing potential hazards.





PVC, Polyester and more


1” to 6” widths and a variety of lengths

Custom sizes available


OSHA colours that meet ANSI Z535.1


Floor Graphics

Anti-slip floor safety signs offer a crucial safety measure in warehouse settings, ensuring the well-being of employees and visitors. These signs are designed with high-visibility colors and bold graphics to quickly grab attention and convey important safety messages. With their anti-slip surface, they provide traction and prevent slips or falls, even in areas prone to moisture or spills. The signs are available in both stock and custom options, allowing you to choose pre-designed signs or personalize them with specific safety instructions or company branding. By strategically placing anti-slip floor safety signs in high-risk areas, such as wet floors or slippery ramps, warehouses can prevent accidents and create a safer working environment.




Textured Adhesive Vynmark


17” diameter

Custom sizes available


All signs are sub-surface printed to offer a more durable, longer lasting image.

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