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Size: 10.75" x 10.75"

Black: Symbol, number and line 12.5 mm inside the edge

White: Background

The symbol is three crescents superimposed on a circle.

Class 6.2 - Infectious Substances

  • TT620TBPIN - Tagboard
    TT620SSPIN - Rigid Plastic
    TT620PSPIN - Adhesive VynMark

  • TB - Tagboard

    Made from a semi-rigid paper card stock with a water resistant coating on both sides. This material is intended for single trip usage, at an economical price. Intended for use with placard holders.


    SS - Rigid Plastic

    Manufactured on durable plastic able to withstand repeated usage under any weather conditions. The ink is applied using a silk screen process to ensure print quality and resist fading. Intended for use with placard holders. 


    PS - Adhesive VynMark

    Intended for permanent application on the transport vehicle. They are constructed with an outdoor grade 4-MIL VynMark with an aggressive permanent adhesive backing. Once applied these placards provide a permanent DOT marking solution.

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