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WIDE LOAD Pilot Car Sign Insert

Our "WIDE LOAD" backlit insert for our illuminated pilot car sign frames (P/N: TS8130 - sold separately).  The sign insert is printed with black letters (11" tall) and made from a durable yellow Acrylite that can be slide into the channels on standard INCOM and previous Barpek style pilot car signs.  The sign is 13.5" x 71.5" and intended for backlit applications.  These translucent signs ship with a protective film on the back to reduce scratching in shipping that should be removed prior to use. Previous Barpek #BP685.

WIDE LOAD Pilot Car Sign Insert

SKU: TS8132
  • Due to the oversized dimensions of this product when packaged, additional shipping charges will apply.

  • Disclaimer: It is the sole responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of this product for their application, including, but not limited to, identifying the risk and its severity. When in doubt consult a qualified safety and warnings professional.

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